What's Going On? October 2023

The World Is Listening!

People are seeking hope, comfort, and… God. They need a way, a portal or door, to step through and find what their hearts are looking for. The Happy Voice, La Voz Alegre, LVA, is that connecting point for thousands of people to enter and discover Christ’s personal message for their lives.
Who is listening? A a quick glimpse, September 2022- 2023.
Where are the listeners living?
  • People from 71 countries
  • Top ten locations: United States, China, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Chile, and Venezuela.
How many are coming to listen, watch and share?
  • 6,112 Website Radio listeners accessing LVA programs ‘On Demand.’
  • 33,422 App impressions: reflect the amount of audio, video, or text that users of our app have enjoyed.
  • 3,415 App launches, allowing the app to interact with the users to freely listen, watch, and share every message in the app.
What are they accessing?
  • Top Website topics: Suffering, Inspiration, Family, The Gospels, Conflict Resolution
  • 1,029 Website views: The Open Bible television program
  • 136 Website enrollments: World Bible School’s free Bible course
  • Top App media plays: La Voz Alegre, Life is Worth Living, With the Open Bible, God’s Giants, Unforgettable Conversations With Jesus, Hope in Conflict
  • God only knows how many daily live stream engagements, shares, and extended followers we have on Facebook, YouTube, and the LVA App.

Since launching our app and new website at the end of 2020 we have seen a consistent increase in people responding to our radio broadcasts every year. Now, we anticipate even more responses! Our newly established WhatsApp phone number is being broadcast daily. Calls will be answered by our team in Latin America and those contacts shared with local discipleship groups. Sixto Rivera and his ministry, Genesis Alliance, are organizing this effort.

Our broadcasts can potentially reach 650 million people, but no rating systems quantify how many people globally tune into our programs. To be good stewards, we collect available data to determine how well we engage audiences with the resources entrusted to us. Please pray that God increases our global outreach for Christ.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

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