What's Going On? December 2021

Jesus For All Seasons

A gift for you, and a gift to share with a friend. This free gift is a matching set of audible lessons on Unforgettable Conversations with Jesus, Inolvidable Conversaciones con Jesus.
Your gift in English:  English click here.
Your gift in Spanish: Spanish click here.
For many people this time of the year may be the only time they think about Jesus. And in the context of Christmas, they only think of Jesus as a baby in a manger. He is so much more, he came to earth to be our savior and teacher. In his ministry, Jesus had  unforgettable conversations with people about life and eternity. He revealed the thoughts, love, plan, and promises of God. Now you can easily share these precious gifts of wisdom and guidance.
We plan for this to be our first bi-lingual series with many more to come. What a way to end the year, with a new beginning!

We have recorded and are now placing in our La Voz Alegre App fifty-two audio messages from this series: Unforgettable Conversations with Jesus, Inolvidable Conversaciones con Jesus.  Until now, these audio messages have only been available in Spanish.
This is good news for our English audience. We are adding the English recordings of this series alongside the Spanish in our App so they can be enjoyed in both languages.  We believe that Jesus’ messages can be easily shared between Spanish and English speaking friends. We have also learned that many want to learn English, and/or Spanish, and this would be a great place to start.  This can be a way to connect with family and to grow in the knowledge and understand of Jesus in a new language.
Let’s make Jesus and His conversations a part of our daily lives!
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