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What's Going On?  June 2021

Praising God! A New Radio Broadcast!

Venezuela and Colombia, countries in the news and on our hearts. For a longtime we have thought of Colombia as a dangerous place, as we have known missionary families that were forced to evacuate for safety reasons.
Today however, Colombia has made a turnaround with improvements in safety and economics. It  has become a haven of sorts for our friends in Cuba seeking medical attention. It is a country that is trying to put their struggles behind them.
Venezuela has a long history of being a nation of peace and prosperity.  The many changes over the past years have put Venezuela in darkness.  People there are desperately seeking help and the peace that only comes from Jesus.
So, how can we encourage them? We want to send the light, the message that saves, no matter what the situation is in these countries.
God has opened a new door to connect with the people of Venezuela and Colombia. Every Thursday night on a clear AM radio signal people across this region can listen to messages of hope through La Voz Alegre (The Happy Voice) radio hour.  
In addition to our Shine800 AM broadcast that targets Cuba and the Caribbean basin every Sunday night, we are adding a new hour pointed in the direction of Venezuela and Colombia. This new broadcast of La Voz Alegre will be every Thursday night covering Venezuela at 11:00pm and Colombia at 10:00pm.  With the broadcast station in Bonaire, just off the coast of Venezuela, this 200,000-watt signal will cover both these nations with music and messages that will give them encouragement and hope through Jesus. We are seeing many people respond with follow-up by using the free resources on the website: spiritual lessons, life skill topics, bible study, videos and much more!  
Please pray for our new listeners!
Remember to download our La Voz Alegre App.  You can find it in your app store.
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