What's Going On? August 2022

What's Going On?  August 2022

A Blessed Mission Trip to El Rosario, Baja California, Mexico

Traveling through the San Quintin Valley, where our daily radio program is broadcast to El Rosario, our mission destination, was an exciting experience. As we stopped for lunch our team of 50 descended from the bus all wearing yellow Madison Mission T-shirts, with a great design on the back that reflected the desert of Baja California, Mexico. Outside the restaurant two Mexican families stopped and asked my wife, Brenda, about the design on the shirt. They were very encouraging and interested in our mission, destination, and purpose of being in their country.
When they heard that we were there to help the community of El Rosario and share Jesus they were thrilled, and showed even more interest. We then proceeded to introduce them to the radio and television programs on our La Voz Alegre app. In that very moment they downloaded the app and started talking about their faith in Jesus. We were also blessed by their 5-year-old daughter who asked Brenda if she could sing a song of praise, Hallelujah. This was only the beginning of God opening doors to what we were able to share in Baja California.
Our grandsons, Ethan Poyet and Landon Morgan were experiencing their first foreign mission trip where they worked tirelessly every day, with the Madison teens building, painting, helping to conduct a Vacation Bible School and leading an evening devotional.
Some of our team from the Madison church conducted a free medical clinic with eye exams and glasses, pharmaceutical, blood pressure and sugar level exams. Others worked on building projects, on the church property, and also painting and serving breakfast at local schools. All of this and more was a great testimony to the love of Jesus.
Brenda was blessed with teaching a women's class on wearing your Christian crown and enjoyed teaching English as a second language with those who wanted to join in. I enjoyed teaching the men every night on how to share Jesus. Oh, then I put my carpentry skills to work as well helping to finish off the overhang on the building.
                                                        Thank you for your prayers and support!
                                                           May God bless the church in El Rosario!

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