What's Going On? May 2021

What's Going On?
May 2021

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Time to "Double Down" for Latin America

Increase, double our radio broadcasts!
Life during the past year has been challenging for us and for our friends and listeners in Latin America. While there were already many hurdles to overcome in their daily lives the pandemic has multiplied Latin Americans struggles.

While we know the impact of Covid-19 on our own families, I would like to share a glimpse of the hard realities some of our listeners are facing.

A report from our some of our listeners in the hardest hit areas:
  • Everything is shut-down, churches are still not able to meet, food shortages, the economy is in crisis, and there is greater social and political unrest.
  • A Latin American researcher, Dr Evans reports: The pandemic will remain in Latin America and the Caribbean for a long time. Many nations in the region are not expected to vaccinate substantial parts of their populations until 2022 to 2023.

But, hope is our focus, the hope of the Good News of Jesus. The need has never been greater in our modern times considering all of the trials our listeners face. With these ongoing struggles in Latin America and the increase in population growth, in one year 5,999,311 souls born, to a total of 658,708,232 we plan to double our efforts in reaching Spanish-speakers through the media tools that the Lord has provided.
Praise God, our daily and weekly radio hours have not missed one day of broadcasting the loving message of Jesus. Currently we are negotiating to increase, double, our broadcast efforts. Thanks to all who support this ministry that continues to enter into the homes and lives of people that have been so isolated from family, friends, and church gatherings.
Please continue to pray for the souls of Latin America!

Click on the image above to listen to a Spanish language message we are broadcasting: Hope in Conflict, Strength in Weakness

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