What's Going On? 2/2021

What's Going On?
February 2021

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Reaching Souls During Challenging Times

Many people around the world are separated from God, living without hope. We believe in the redemptive power of Jesus.

That’s why we use: Radio, Video, La Voz Alegre App and Website so individuals across the globe can hear the Good News!

Radio hour: La Voz Alegre (The Happy Voice) is broadcast everyday throughout South America through World Christian Broadcasting and to millions more from Brazil to Mexico as we target Cuba on Shine 800 AM.

Videos: Con La Biblia Abierta (With the Open Bible) are watched regularly via our website: cpioutreach.com or lavozalegre.com. We also enjoy utilizing our La Voz Alegre App to share these television programs on social media. They still encourage thousands.

Website and App: The new website and App, launched in September, gives thousands more access to our messages of hope. Following the stats in the App world has been different on our new platform. Rather than recording hits, it distinctly records impressions. Since September the App has 4,274 impressions. This number represents the times people have searched and played the messages we offer. Having all of our content available in their phone gives hope to many who have never owned a computer but have a smartphone.

The greatest surprise so far this year is the news that our friends in Cuba have been able to download the App and are enjoying our Christ-filled audio and video programs, and much more. If this can be done in Cuba how much easier is it for you to download the La Voz Alegre App from your app store and begin sharing.

Let’s use the tools God have placed in our hands to fulfill the great commission!

Christian Productions International is a non-profit 501(c)(3).

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