What's Going On? November 2022

Operation Ecuador, Let's Get The Word Out

Mt. Chimburazo, the highest point from the center of the earth and the closest peak to outer space. If we sit on top of this mountain we would only begin to see the number of souls Operation Ecuador has in their vision to reach for the Lord.
Operation Ecuador Summit. What an honor for me to be invited as the keynote speaker for their annual meeting held at Hillsboro Church of Christ in Nashville. It was wonderful to learn about their progress and vision for the future. I remember in 1996 when Kent Marcum and Sunset International Institute announced the establishment of a branch school of Sunset School of Preaching in Quito.
That announcement encouraged us to establish the Atlantic International Bible Institute in Miami. Then in 2001 the school grew to include the beginning of the Bible Institute in Havana.
The Quito School of Biblical Studies (QSOBS) has over 252 graduates who are spreading the Gospel now in 25 countries of the world. I have the great privilege of knowing and working with a wonderful couple in Cuba that graduated from QSOBS. Noilys and Alicia are making a great impact in Cuba on many levels. First, as a loving couple, then in the Lord’s work with the people sharing Jesus and His message of hope. Noilys is a professor at the Bible Institute and both Alicia and Noilys record radio messages for our broadcasts.
Another initiative has been to encourage Havana's Bellavista congregation to become an outreach center planting new congregations. As of January 1st, a new congregation in the suburb of Havana known as Milagros was started. We look forward to visiting with this group on our next Cuba trip.
For the first time since the pandemic we plan to visit our friends in Havana, November 10-16. Please keep this trip and our brothers and sisters there in your prayers.
It was a great time at the summit looking back and celebrating the years our television program was on the air in Ecuador. And now, how that the Ecuadorian people can have access to all those programs, the radio broadcasts and short encouraging messages on their handheld devices. We were able to share our "all-inclusive" La Voz Alegre App which is loaded with the Lord’s teachings helping Spanish-speakers everywhere develop a personal relationship with Jesus.
We also shared our QR code that enabled several to download our App. On the way home from the summit we received a phone call from David Kail, who had been sitting next to Brenda and me for lunch during the summit. He made a wonderful request, “We are back home in Springfield, MO and our congregation is about to have a Trunk or Treat event that will have over 1,000 people. Can we copy your QR code and include it in our literature to share your App with the Spanish-speakers that will be there? David went on to say that 25% of those visiting will be Latinos. What a wonderful, unexpected result from being together!
We have a heart for Ecuador and history of broadcasting, holding an evangelistic campaign in Guayaquil, and a marriage seminar in Cuenca.
We ask for your prayers for future potential collaboration with our brothers and sisters working with Operation Ecuador, a great mission work.
Matthew 5:14, "You are the light of the world..."

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