What's Going On? April 2021

What's Going On?
April 2021

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A Father’s Dream

I have always dreamed of the day that all my son, Lance Morgan, would partner with me on the radio to share Jesus. We have both used our different talents to share Christ's messages of hope to people in many ways. As my son continues to share Jesus with those who God leads his way, he is also beginning to write scripts for our radio program.
These scripts are written to encourage a direct response from our listeners. They deal with the challenges that people face every day in their personal lives, and their search for the good life. Lance brings a fresh approach that will evoke a listener's response to "the question".

                  Lance and Amber Morgan

Are We Asking the Eternal Questions?
1. Could you imagine developing a belief system, where every person, from any culture in the world, would not view it as an import, but discover it as their very own? Time and time again over the last 2000 years, we have seen this amazing reality proven true. The message of Jesus Christ is for all people and all cultures in any era. Now how about you? Learn more at lavozalegre.com or cpioutreach.com.
2. What does the Bible do? One amazing quality about God is that He wants to reveal Himself to you and me. And the Holy Scriptures are one of the ways that He has chosen to do that. Now there is no doubt the Bible has been manipulated, abused, and used by men and women to achieve their own agendas.
However, if the true purpose of the Bible is unlocked, we may discover it’s much more than we ever imagined. That the Bible is actually a portal into a relationship with the Creator of the Universe. And through it you can get a glimpse into His heart, His personality, and His power. This relationship cannot be controlled or manipulated; it must be received. Would you like to know more about the Bible? We would be honored to help you discover for yourself who God is, and who He believes you really are.
3. Who is well off and living the Good Life? From ancient times to the present, humans have asked this question. Big corporations have marketing firms, which make lots of money telling you what a good life is…and then selling you products that fit their vision for you. Jesus’ answer to that question stands alone, above all others.
So, what does Jesus say about “Who is well-off or living the good life?” It is anyone who is alive in the Kingdom of God. In Christ alone we have life, not in possessions or achievements. Not even human relationships, but in a relationship with Christ that spreads and extends His Love to all other relationships. Being truly alive in the Kingdom of God transforms everything else. To find out more about Jesus Christ and the good life, click this link
These are just 3 of 14 script written by my son, my brother, and a true evangelist. Does this sound like a father’s dream come true? Yes! More importantly, our Heavenly Father is so pleased when we use our talents to His glory!

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