What's Going On? January 2022

2022: Praying In The New Year!

Many people around the world,and in the Spanish-speaking world, are separated from God, living without hope. We believe in the redemptive power of Jesus. That’s why we use radio, video, La Voz Alegre website and app so individuals across the globe can hear the "good news".
Many of you have a unique relationship with us by partnering, producing content, and the distribution of Jesus’ message that leads people to Him.
As we begin this year we request your prayers, partnership, and your willingness to use our app and website to share hope with your circle of friends, or around the world.
1. We ask that you join us in prayer for our listeners daily.  Yes, real people respond to our broadcasts from many parts of the world where they are searching for hope.  We want them to find that hope in Jesus.  Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised by where those responses come from.  This week we received a postcard with details of our radio program being heard in Spain. Jose Luis wrote: “Your radio program “La Voz Alegre” was received loud and clear on November 18 on 6180 Shortwave”. He enjoyed: the music, Biblical Archaeology program, lesson from Proverbs, and the Christian-based financial message encouraging contentment in the workplace.
2. Pray that our partners are blessed financially in 2022.  We are blessed with many generous hearts that faithfully give to our ministry, making what we do possible.  Your prayers for them are very important as we know they have many choices to do "good". And, we are grateful that God inspires them to partner with us.
3. Our creative staff also needs your prayers to continue producing new messages that will have an impact in someone’s’ life.  We have been blessed with very dedicated and talented servants that share their talents every day.  Please pray that they will be guided by the Spirit to produce what is needed for our listeners lives.
We understand that everyone has unique needs. So, we will be praying for you and asking God to guide you in your spiritual life and service. And, to supply you with what you need personally and for your family.
With all these prayers going up we know that we are heading into a great New Year!
Christian Productions International is a non-profit 501(c)(3).

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