What's Going On? April 2022

Oh Yeah, I saw you on TV…

I read your book; I listened to your podcast, or you were a featured on the news. That’s how I felt at the National Religious Broadcasting Conference, NRB, experiencing and listening to talks from …….Phil Cooke, Sadie Robinson, Charles Hurt, and more.
A favorite takeaway quote from NRB was:
Charlie Kirk, “Our number one mission is to share Jesus.
And my second most important mission in life is to keep America free to share Christ with the world.”
There seemed to be an urgency in the NRB conversations that now is the time to share our faith in Jesus Christ. Not that yesterday was not important, but NOW is the call to action.
For me, one of my old favorite hymns says it all, “Seeking the Lost”. From walking on foot from village to village through the rain forests of Papua New Guinea, to learning Spanish and utilizing the airwaves for television and radio, to the digital world of our website and App the goal was always to share Christ with as many people as possible.
Today on the website, lavozalegre.com or cpioutreach.com and the La Voz Alegre App, we are streaming thousands of hope-filled audio and video messages on demand. Now we are seeking to expanding our digital media footprint in the world by understanding and utilizing the latest methods. For example, TWR360.org has invited us to place our audio and video messages to expand our outreach on their platform.
Engaging our listeners on social media platforms is challenging, but this is the digital culture people are living in, and we want to share Christ with them.
Daily, it seems like there is another way to communicate in the digital world. We must learn the new digital-world language and share the truth in love. As partners with us we request your prayers as we grow in seeking the lost.
                                                                        Luke 19:10
                                 "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost".

                                   Christian Productions International is a non-profit 501(c)(3).

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